How Does It Work?

detroitPBX Cloud

Getting Started.

detroitPBX provides a professional phone system without having to purchase expensive hardware.  Our cloud platform was built from the ground up with a focus on voice quality and reliability.

We were designed for startup’s that want to provide existing and potential customers/investors with a professional facade – you only get one chance to make a first impression.     In a similar fashion we designed the system to handle the requirements for small and medium sized businesses that wants to replace their existing on-premise PBX with a state-of-the art cloud phone system that will provide flexibility to your staff and allow your business to adapt to market demands.

All it takes to get started is an Internet connection and service from detroitPBX.  We provide the phone to you if you sign-up for the Office Standard or Office Premium service – the phone comes pre-programmed ready to go.  All you have to do is plug it in!

We provide awesome customer service.  Our staff can help you plan out your initial purchase and work with you once your phones arrive.

Type of Phones – BYOD Supported

Our cloud platform support any SIP device or mobile device.  Phone DevicesWe will provide each user that has a one year subscription to our Office Standard and Office Premium service with a Polycom 330.







Feature Galore

Our enterprise grade phone system provides a number of features:

Voicemail to Email – This is a time saving feature that allows you to automatically be sent an audio file that contains the voicemail message that was left by a caller.

Follow-Me – Allows you to have calls route to you on any device.  This feature enables freedom for both you and your staff.  You no longer have to worry about missing a phone call if you are out of the office or if you plan to work from Amsterdam for a month.  You would just route calls to the desktop or mobile phone in Amsterdam.

Auto-Attendant – The feature allows a caller to hear a company greeting when they first call your phone number.  The user will then have an option to enter a users extension or press # to search the companies phone directory.  This configuration is automatically configured for you when you sign-up.